We work very closely with entrepreneurs to assist them in identifying and implementing successful strategies for their businesses. We recognize that most entrepreneurs operate in a degree of isolation (it truly is lonely at the top) and we provide them with a perspective developed from years of helping entrepreneurs in many industries maximize the potential of their business. A sample of our engagements includes:

  • Assessing implications of strategic initiatives and relevant alternatives
  • Analysing major business decisions for both the financial consequences and the implications to various family members
  • Identifying appropriate credit facilities and negotiating credit arrangements with lenders
  • Providing a sounding board for a wide range of business issues such as:
    • Expansion into new markets
    • Suggestions regarding shareholder agreements
    • Opening new locations
    • Real estate acquisitions
    • Major equipment purchases
  • Introductions to appropriate advisors in a wide range of disciplines and locations
  • Recruiting senior financial executives
  • Advance planning and structuring for the purchase and sale of business

Advisory Team Members

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