Ron Walsh
Partner, Tax and Business Advisory
Ron Walsh

Excelling in assisting owners in realizing their business and personal objectives:

I enjoy working with entrepreneurs. They are focused on developing and implementing a vision and rightly so. My role is to make complex tax and business issues understandable and to act as a trusted advisor identifying and implementing long-term strategic issues. I provide practical solutions to complex problems and advise business owners on how they can achieve their objectives.

Experience enables me to take a leadership role in many business purchase and sales transactions ranging from a few million dollars to a few hundred million dollars. The nature of our clients’ expanding operations has exposed our team to business issues in North America, Asia, and Europe.

The range of variables inherent in any business challenge is not immediately obvious. I am often complimented on my ability to identify all relevant variables and to integrate them into a comprehensive solution.

Meeting the estate planning challenges of successful entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals is something I truly enjoy.

Over the years, I have frequently lectured on tax and related matters for professional organizations, and spoken at national and international conferences on tax and business advisory issues. I have also had the privilege of holding a number of prestigious professional appointments, including amongst others, governor of the Canadian Tax Foundation, president of the Estate Planning Council of Vancouver, and public governor of a major stock exchange.

Outside the Office:

Family man, world traveler, recreational skier, and voracious reader. I am committed to supporting education. I have been Past Chair of the Board of Directors of Vancouver College as well as being a member of the Board of Directors of Alumni UBC.


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  • Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (Chartered Accountant – 1974)
  • STEP Canada: Trust and Estate Practitioner
  • BA (Economics), University of British Columbia
  • Focus on what you do well and seek out professional advisors who have the dual ability to grasp complex situations and explain them in plain language.
  • We pride ourselves on providing informative, clear, concise written instructions for the implementation of solutions to tax or business problems.
  • Frequently, stumbling blocks or impediments to achieving business objectives are not technical in nature but are related to emotional issues, communications issues, or third party obstacles all of which need to be considered and dealt with in an appropriate manner.
  • Intergenerational transfers of wealth and/or business ownership are situations where an advisor must look beyond the technical mechanics of the transaction if he or she is to meet the client’s underlying goals while keeping family relations intact and allowing the business to move forward and prosper.
  • When a company reaches $100M-$300M, in revenue it typically has a well developed internal finance and accounting team but the owners of the business still require an independent advisor so that internal intellectual capital of the business (CEOs and CFOs) stays focused on the running of the business.
  • The interests and goals of a business are frequently different from the personal interests and goals of owners. This situation raises privacy issues for entrepreneurs who may wish to keep their personal financial arrangements separate and private from their executive team.
  • Fundamentally, as a business owner you need to ask, “Is the career success of the person advising me determined by what a good job he or she is doing for me or is it determined by how the people up the chain of command in their organization view their performance?”
  • Multinational accounting firms utilize a silo model where many of their members have developed narrow channels of technical expertise. This model makes it very hard to coordinate the relevant expertise needed to develop the type of solutions that business owners ultimately need.


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