Effective Strategies
For Private Entities
With a Business Owner's Perspective

Walsh King LLP is a Vancouver-based, independent firm of Chartered Professional Accountants dedicated to serving the needs of private entities.  For over thirty years we have helped business owners in manufacturing, construction, transport, technology and a wide range of other industries more effectively manage their businesses both here in British Columbia and around the world. We approach our work with a view to securing both the long-term interests of the operating businesses and the financial well-being of the owners.  Our membership in GGI, one of the world’s leading international accounting, consulting and law firm alliances, broadens our reach further still and ensures our clients have access to expertise wherever they require it.

Forward-thinking: Whether your focus is estate planning, intergenerational business ownership transfers, multinational ownership structures, or business acquisition we have the advisory expertise to help you capitalize on opportunities and plan for future growth. By the same token, we know that it is equally important for business security to plan for the unexpected. Our forward-thinking approach identifies the full range of variables that should be considered to provide room to grow and insurance against unforeseen changes in the economy.


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