What You Need to Know About Canadian and B.C. Film Tax Credits
September 12th, 2019

By Tia Walsh.

Canada and B.C. offer generous tax credits for film and television productions. If you’re planning to take advantage of these federal and provincial incentives, do your homework—and beware of potential pitfalls.

As someone who worked extensively in the film industry before going into public practice, I know that tax credits are a vital resource for producers. In most cases, they can go toward financing. By seeking professional tax advice before embarking on a production, you can estimate what credits you will receive ahead of time.

Establishing the right legal structure from the start is another key step. Also, productions qualifying for tax credits regularly get audited, so you need strong records of all supporting documents. Walsh King can help ensure that you’re prepared if the CRA comes knocking.

I hope you will read our Film & Television blog series as I outline what you need to know about Canadian and B.C. film and TV tax credits. If you have questions about how Walsh King can help your film or television production,  please connect with me.

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