Time to Change CPA Firms? Here’s What You Should Know
June 4th, 2019

By Jeff Brocklebank.

As a business owner or senior executive, there are times when you must consider changing your Chartered Professional Accountant firm. This is never an easy decision, but it’s an important one that can affect your company’s financial health, so you have to be strategic.

At Walsh King, we often hear from potential clients who think we might be a better fit for them. Sometimes this happens because a business owner feels that their current CPA firm has let them down, but usually it’s because the company’s needs have changed.

There are many reasons why a different CPA firm could better serve a company. Among them:

  • An increase in the technical complexity of the business and its transactions
  • Significant growth
  • The company needs help to manage owner relationships
  • New estate planning requirements that the business must integrate into its long-term strategy
  • The need for proactive, strategic business advice unavailable from the current firm, which provides traditional compliance services
  • A change in leadership
  • The company is creating a complex succession plan
  • The senior team wants to expand the services provided by its CPA firm, from focusing on the preparation of financial statements and tax returns to broader business advice

Walsh King is a boutique CPA firm that specializes in advising business owners and high-net-worth individuals and families. Our experience and expertise make us different than other CPA firms, and we understand that ensuring that we work well with a client is crucial for a successful partnership.


If you’re considering a change of CPA firm, contact Walsh King today. Our initial meeting with business owners or financial executives is always at no charge. We want to understand your needs, get a feel for your business and its requirements, and determine if our expertise and our company culture are a good fit.

We know that finding a strong fit with your CPA firm helps to build a solid relationship that will have a positive impact on the success of your business.

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