Ongoing Leadership and Learning
May 15th, 2018

At Walsh King, we are committed to the ongoing development of our team at all levels. One way we do this is by hosting regular in-house seminars called Sharing Excellence.

Our Sharing Excellence presentations are geared towards building and creating skills through the exchange of the firm’s collective knowledge. The goal of these seminars is to build upon our commitment to continuous improvement by sharing our experiences and offering different perspectives to assist in problem solving. Presentations can cover a range of technical, procedural and soft-skill topic areas and are not limited to our professional lives. Everyone is encouraged to put forth ideas, as well as present in their own area of expertise. To date, we have held valuable sessions on corporate finance; valuation; and trust, estate and probate issues – in addition to best practices in health and wellness and navigating networking events.

Together, we learn something new, practice our presentation skills, and gain insight into our colleagues and what they are passionate about. It’s a highly valued activity by our team.

We recently came across an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review that highlights the connection between effective leaders acting as great teachers. The article echoes the idea behind Walsh King’s in-house seminars. We recognize that the future of our firm depends largely on how we prepare our next generation of leaders. By promoting a teaching habit amongst our senior leaders through activities such as Sharing Excellence, we simultaneously preserve the firm’s knowledge while transferring insights, personal processes, information, relationships and ability to our people.

No matter how senior or junior the role, we ensure that everyone at Walsh King gets exceptional technical training, as well as training in the skills that will have a significant impact on their personal success.

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