Geoff Horne
Tax Consultant
Geoff Horne

Geoff Horne is a senior accountant with the audit and assurance group at Walsh King, where his key roles include acting as client liaison during engagements.

Client service is one of Geoff’s strongest assets. Along with exceptional accounting talent, he believes that good people skills are crucial. Geoff, who started with Walsh King in 2015 as a staff accountant, knows that clients expect him and his team to help them see the bigger picture. Through audits and other work, the team often identifies patterns and emerging trends, and provides relevant business insights and recommendations. This helps clients to grow their businesses and to be more strategic in managing their company or family assets.

Walsh King clients regard Geoff’s team as trusted strategic advisers – not as just “the finance people,” but also as a credible and experienced group that provides much-needed business expertise. By building strong partnerships with entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals and families, he allows his team to be effective. This focus on people skills sets Walsh King apart from the competition and is a big reason why clients have stayed with the firm for decades.

Outside the Office:

Geoff loves his job, but he isn’t all work and no play. Outside the office, he’s an avid golfer and reader who especially likes fantasy fiction such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. He also has a passion for travel.


Articles that Geoff has written:

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